With funding problems and overpopulation, the Allegany County Animal Shelter faces challenges every day. Often our biggest struggle comes from the lack of reliable volunteers. You can help by volunteering to work at the shelter in your spare time. Our volunteers are one of our most important assets and they do an amazing job helping us help the animals.

Volunteers help in almost every capacity of our operation. Feel free to call the shelter or drop by, and ask to speak to our volunteer coordinator. We will be happy to answer all your questions about volunteering at the shelter.  You will be asked to fill out an application – either at the shelter or fill out our online application. All pertinent applications are downloadable below:

Volunteer Guidelines

Please click HERE to download the Volunteer Guidelines.

Volunteer Application

Please click HERE to submit online form.

Please click HERE to download Volunteer application form.

Volunteer Requirements

There is no age requirement to volunteer at the shelter. However, anyone under the age of 18 must have signed parental permission. The shelter does allow junior volunteers (13 and under) to assist their parents in a variety of volunteer opportunities. All volunteers, regardless of age, are required to attend an orientation which covers the shelter’s policies.

Volunteer Orientation

Orientations are held approximately once a month. Interested volunteer applicants are encouraged to attend.

Junior Volunteers

Being a Junior Volunteer is a great way to develop respect and compassion for living creatures. Children under the age of 13 may volunteer for certain assignments, as specified on the application, if they are accompanied by a parent. The parent and child must complete all volunteer requirements, including submission of an application and attendance at an orientation. Parent and child may also be required to complete any other addition training.

Volunteer Parental Release (for minors)

Please click HERE to download the Parental Release form.

Volunteer Foster Parent Program

We often have a special need for foster parents. Find out more about the volunteer foster program.