The Allegany County Animal Shelter serves as a “Shelter of Hope” for the lost, abandoned, and homeless animals of Allegany County. We strive to expand and strengthen our leadership in animal care, humane education, and progressive animal welfare programs and to find common-sense solutions for animal-related problems in our community.


To guarantee a good home to all companion animals that are healthy and behaviorally sound. To do all we can for dogs and cats that are medically treatable and can be behaviorally rehabilitated. To develop constructive relationships that advance our mission and vision with our city/county governments, other animal-welfare stakeholders and the people of our community.


The Allegany County Animal Shelter serves as the municipal shelter for Allegany County and is located at 716 Furnace Street in Cumberland. For many years, the shelter served as the final destination for nearly 85% of the animals that entered it. In late 2010, a group of passionate citizens led the charge to change the nature of the shelter with a goal of doing as much as possible for every animal, every day. Since that time, we have transitioned into an expanded role of becoming A Shelter of Hope.

As part of the new philosophy, the shelter has transitioned into an expanded role as a community service organization, providing information and resources to those with animal issues that wish to keep their pets and a safe haven for those who are unable to. Our expanding programs and services are designed to address the needs of all animals — and to provide support, education, and assistance for all the people that care about them. Most of all, we work every day to reflect the incredible passion of the many animal lovers in our community.

Our efforts on behalf of the animals would not be possible without you. Your donations allow us to continue to expand our services as we develop new ideas to help our animal friends. Your gift of volunteer hours makes the labor light and the work go farther. Together we are building a more humane and caring community for all we serve – both animal and humans.